Friday, 17 February 2012

Down in the potting shed!

Well it certainly felt a bit warmer down the summerhouse today, I did not even put the heating on! I have done some more sowing, sweetcorn (sweet bounty), I missed the boat last year and sowed my sweetcorn far too late. I am going to companion plant the sweetcorn the my dwarf french beans giving me some extra growing space. I read somewhere that this was a good idea and as usual I can't remember where I read it.

I sowed 2 aubergine seeds (endrma) I sowed these last year and unfortunately the snails enjoyed them a bit too much in my little plastic greenhouse. I thought I would give them another go especially as I now have my big proper greenhouse (though still packaged up!)

I also sowed some Savoy Cabbage (ormskirk) I love all cabbage and last year I grew spring and summer cabbages, so I thought I'd try another variety. I just need to purchase some enviromesh to keep them pesky cabbage whites of my greens and all will be well.

The girls have been quiet today, the big bowl of rice they had this morning must of filled them up. We had 4 eggs today, so all's good in the coop!

and finally..... it's Friday, so off for a glass of wine or two. Hope you all have an enjoyable evening x

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