Friday, 24 February 2012

Getting there

Halfway there!
Well it went better than I thought it would, thanks to dad. The frame is up and all's looking good, the glass will be going in on Tuesday. We had a few problems with the base, but that has been sorted out now. The greenhouse is a Halls 6ft x 6ft, which I purchased from Chris Lings Garden center, it would of been nice to have a bigger one, however space was limited and as you can see it fits perfectly.

Matilda fly catching
The girls have been clucking away noisily all day as we have been in the garden. We had four eggs again today, so well done girls. I was trying to take some individual photo's of the girls and Bell was having none of it, every time I went to take a shot she either moved  or put her head down, after about 20 blurred shots I managed to get a couple of her. Octavia was looking right into the lens I thought she was going to peck it! I have been busy working on another web page. It's all about becoming a hen keeper, to have a look visit:
Octavia posing as a mean chick!
 Bell and Dory chatting to Clyde
Sharing the Good Life-A keeper of hens


Moving the potatoes worked as they all have shoots on now, my potato bags are ready and waiting!

The raised beds have all been prepared ready for the new growing season, I shall be growing red and white onions and spring onions in the large bed and I am going to plant either squash or pumpkin in the the triangle bed.

 And finally.... Wishing you all a great weekend, hope the weather is kind to us x

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