Saturday, 11 February 2012

Well that was a very cold night, at least the sun is shining today and will hopefully melt some of this icy snow on the ground. The girls have just been fed their scraps and are at this very moment squabbling over it, Octavia gets it first then Matilda takes it off her followed by Bell taking it of Matilda. They would make a great rugby team that's for sure. The heating is on in the summerhouse, and shortly I shall be holed up in their with a hot cup of tea and sowing some flower seeds. I'm not sure what yet, until I shuffle through my seed box. I have so many  which I got free with my Amateur Gardener magazine.
 At present I have two flower beds in the front garden which were full of flowers last year. I have a few shrubs in one of them and the other had Dahlias in, which I dug the tubers up and put away in a box in the summerhouse over winter to protect from mean Mr Frost. I have a bed at the side which is overgrown . I am hoping to tackle this area this year, I was thinking of putting in fruit bushes but I do love cut flowers, hmm decisions decisions!

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