Thursday, 23 February 2012

what a wonderful day!

I got up this morning all ready to sort out in the garden and thankfully the sun was shining and not a cloud in sight! First job of the day was cleaning out the girls, they had had a bowl full of cooked potato earlier and were clucking away nosily for more.

The main job for today was clearing the end of the garden ready for the new greenhouse that is going up tomorrow. I has several bags of compost that I grew potatoes in last year so I emptied these out into one of the raised beds that I am going to grow pumpkins in. Last autumn I emptied out the compost bins into the raised bed so the pumpkins will love it. The pile of topsoil is in the way for where I want to move my little plastic greenhouse, so I have been shoveling soil into the other raised bed and put some in the central bed in the front garden, by this time I'm working up a sweat! Spring is really here, let's hope it's here to stay. After shoveling about a ton and a half of soil I then had to empty out the greenhouse and move it to it's final resting place, easier said than done, but I managed to do it after lots of huffing and puffing. There was more bracken than I thought and I got in a right tangle as it kept clinging to me when I was trying to cut it back, and a few scratches too.

The front flower beds at the front and the fruit bed have all been weeded and they look much better. My blueberry bush that I planted out in the autumn looks like it has taken, I could see some tiny little buds forming. Also the gooseberry bush has some buds showing too, however the tayberry bush do not seem to be doing anything, but there's still time.

I have had a look at the seedlings and all seems to be doing well, still nothing happening with the leeks and onions though, I'll give them another week then sow some more leeks just to be on the safe side and buy some extra onion sets instead of trying to grow from seed. I'll post new photo's tomorrow as the battery for my camera is on charge, so remember to come visit tomorrow!

And finally..... It's D day tomorrow the new greenhouse will finally be going up. Wish me luck as looking at the  very basic instructions, there will be a lot of head scratching and probably a few choice words!

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