Saturday, 4 February 2012

Well the ground is frozen solid, so no gardening in the forseeable future! I sowed some seeds three weeks ago and they are now starting to sprout, I was giving up hope that anything would emerge due to the rather cold weather. They are in the summerhouse with a covering of plastic sheeting over them to aid heat. The seed potatoes are starting to sprout, another few weeks and I shall be planting them in the special growbags I have. I am growing three different types, Swift, Pentland Javaline and Maris Bard, all first early varieties.
Even with this cold weather the chickens are still laying, we get two or three eggs a day. It's still trying to snow, we have a smattering on the ground, and I am now going to venture outside as the girls (chickens) house need cleaning. OOOOhhh the joys of being a hen keeper!

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