Monday, 13 February 2012

Yay the snow is fast disappearing!

The girls must of been hungry this morning, they had a big bowl of scraps and they have ate the lot in minutes! It has been rather dull and dreary here today and we still have plenty of snow in the garden, however the rain we are having is helping to clear it. I'm getting excited as my long awaited greenhouse is due to arrive tomorrow! Hopefully my dad will be free next week to put it up. I'm hoping for a dry tomorrow as I need to have a bit of a move round in the garden. At present I have a small walk in plastic greenhouse which I wish to keep, but I need to find a new home for it.

The compost bins also need turning over. I have the large plastic bins and it is difficult to turn the contents. I usually empty one out then put the contents on one into the other, then fill the other one up with what I had taken out of the first. It's a mucky smelly job, but it needs to be done to help break down the compost quicker, especially as both bins are quite full. I'm hoping the bottom halves with be lovely dark usable compost, as I still have an area where the brassicas are going that needs some compost and so does the large raised bed.

The potatoes are chitting nicely another few weeks and they can be planted in the potato bags that I bought and used last year with quite a bit of success. By using these bags it gives me extra growing space enabling me to grow more crops. I done a plan for the garden late last year and I am still scribbling on the plan trying to fit in more crops, making use of all available space with the use of pots and grow bags strategically placed around the garden.

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