Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Well we still have a lot of snow on the ground, and it is so cold! It looks like we are in for some more snow. This time last year the summerhouse was full of seed trays with little green shoots as it was warm everything was germinating at speed. However this year is another story. Seeds I planted over three weeks ago are only now starting to emerge. So today I am planning to plant my tomato and pepper seeds but bring them indoors and keep them on the windowsill in the kitchen. Once things warm up, I shall transfer them down to the summerhouse.

The chilli plants that I sowed last year have been sitting on the windowsill over the winter, they are flowering and starting to bear fruit. Hopefully I will have enough to make a chilli dipping sauce.

The chickens have eaten their scraps and retired back into the coop, it's obviously too cold for them as usually they are pecking, scratching and making a lot of noise!

Right I am going to wrap up warm, make myself a cup of tea and wander down to the potting shed (summerhouse) and put on my little windup radio and get my hands into some soil. Bliss!

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