Sunday, 19 February 2012

Nice clean girls

As it was such a sunny dry day it was perfect for giving the coop a thorough clean out. Trying to catch the girls and persuade them into the big cage was a task! I only managed to get Octavia and Dory in and Bell was in the nesting area and Matilda went in to, so I got the hose out and washed down the run first, as they hate the water jet. I scrubbed the coop out with a Smite solution and took all the removable parts out and gave them a good scrub as well as the feeder and drinker. I gave the girls some cake for their trouble, they seem quite happy preening and pecking about again. The ordeal did not seem to affect them.

It was so nice out today it feels as if Spring is on it's way. I had a look in my little plastic greenhouse and it was rather warm. I moved all the seed trays from the summerhouse into the greenhouse and hopefully I will see something green poking through soon! Once they have started to grow I will move them back into the summerhouse and put the next lot of sowing in the greenhouse. It's that time of year again when you feel like you are just going back and forth shuffling and moving things around to make room for all the seedlings. I am still waiting for the tomatoes, peppers and chili seeds to germinate, they seem to be taking forever.

I soaked some sweet pea seeds last night and they have been sowed today. I need to save some more toilet rolls so I can sow some more. By sowing in toilet rolls you do not have to disturb the roots as you plant them out still in the toilet rolls. I had a look at the strawberry plants, some are showing new growth but I will have to replace about eight of them as they look dead. The broad beans are starting to flower already! They are still wrapped up with fleece and growing nicely. The peas seem to be alright after I had put in supports, some looked a bit worse for wear and looked like they might not survive, but they are already showing new growth.

and finally.... I'm off to prepare Sunday lunch, we are having some green beans with lunch which were grown last year and had been frozen and I can't wait to start eating this year's produce! Hope you all have a great end to your weekend x

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