Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Happy hens

It has been a lovely day weather wise again, as usual the day ran away with me, so I have not managed to do all that I wanted. I still have to finish clearing the area before Friday and cut back the bracken. I will have to get that done tomorrow!

I have had a look at the potatoes that are chitting, and two lots seems to be sprouting, so I have moved them around so hopefully things will start moving. The cauliflower seeds are about an inch high, however the leeks and onion seeds are not showing yet.

I have cleaned out the girls bedding and we had three eggs today. We have been rather lucky as we have only had about three days over the whole of winter where we did not get any eggs and usually over winter, egg production stops altogether or you get an egg now and then. So well done girls! Keep up the good work.

I have been busy in the kitchen again today, baking a cake for Laura's birthday tomorrow. It's the same lemon cake I made at the weekend, and it smells delicious!

And finally..........Happy pancake day!

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